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Everything You Need To Know To Make Your Listings Stand Out
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This guide will help you get the most from your premium virtual tours. On this page you will find helpful hints and detailed instructions on using the system, and making sure your tours get the right kind of response from potential home buyers.

1. Customize your Account

1.1 | Logging Into Your Account

To make any changes to your profile, you must first log into your TourMe account:

You always log into to your Client Panel at:

Tip: Check the ‘Remember me?’ box to save your username. The form field will automatically have your username filled in the next time you log in.

1.2 | Update your Agent Profile Information

It’s easy to update the following personal information via your Client Panel:

  • TourMe username
  • phone
  • email
  • web address
  • agent license number
  • disclaimer
  • profile photo (a square image of 200 x 200 pixels works best)
  • broker or company name
  • address of broker
  • company logo (400 x 200 pixels. NOTE: a ‘.png’ file type will look the best due to its support of transparency)
  • assistants’ or colleagues’ email addresses (to receive notification when new tours and photos are available)

To make any changes to your profile, follow these steps:

  1. Once logged into your account, hover over “My Account” and click “Profile Settings”.
  2. Make your changes.
  3. Don’t forget to click the ‘save changes’ button at the bottom to save your changes. You can view one of your branded tours to see how the changes look.

1.3 | Link your YouTube Channel to your Account

There is a one-time setup to connect your YouTube channel to your TourMe account, so that you can convert your tours to videos and have them automatically posted to your YouTube Channel.

  • First, you will need a Google Account and YouTube Channel. If you don’t already have a Google Account and a YouTube channel, check out YouTube’s  ‘Create A New Channel’ guide for help.
  • Second, once you are logged in to your TourMe account, select ‘YouTube Setup’ from the ‘My Account’ dropdown menu.
  • TourMe’s YouTube Setup page will guide you through the process of connecting your two accounts. If you run into any issues during this process, you can contact

1.4 | Host your Tours on your Domain Name |

Your Virtual Tour is automatically hosted on a convenient “short url” that you can share, email, print on flyers and For Sale signs, etc. but you can easily also have your Virtual Tour appear on your web address — for example:

Now, every time you post a Virtual Tour Website link on Facebook (or other social media sites), your domain name will be visible alongside your tour content. By choosing to have your tours appear on a custom domain, you can create a richer branding experience for your clients, potential clients, and buyers, by driving traffic back to your primary website.

How to Host your Tours on Your Domain:

  • log into your Domain Host’s website. (Your domain host is typically the company that you pay to renew your domain name each year— ie., Hostmonster, Bluehost, etc.)
  • create a “Tours” subdomain ( on your primary domain that points the “Tours” sub-domain to TourMe’s servers
  • Contact if you require further assistance

2. Edit & Optimize a Virtual Tour Website

2.1 | Add / Change Your Tour Headings

TourMe provides you with 3 Heading Fields you can use to position your Listing to potential buyers and highlight key features.

  • Heading 1 – Displays prominently at the top of the tour in the coloured bar. Examples: “Magnificent Diamond Lake Home”, “New Construction in Masonville Area”, “Totally Updated Home in Westmount”.
  • Heading 2 – Displays just below heading 1, in slightly smaller font. Examples: “3 Bed / 2 Bath / 1540 Sq.Ft.”, “4 Bed / 3.5 Bath / 3400 Sq.Ft. / 2 Acres”, “3 Bed / 2.5 bath / 2650 Sq.Ft. / Walk or Bike to UWO”.
  • Heading 3 –  Only available in the new Fit design. Displays above the tour description. If there is no description, this heading will be hidden. Examples: “Just Listed”, “Open-House Sunday 2-4pm”, “New Price: $129,500”.
  • Tip: Keep your headings short so they won’t wrap over 2 lines


How to Edit the Headings:

  • Log into your Client Panel and select the relevant Tour from the list of all of your Tours.
  • Click the ‘Edit Tour’ icon.
  • Select the ‘Tour Info’ tab.

  • Now you can edit your headings by typing text into the fields shown.

  • A note on branding: the heading fields will populate on the branded and unbranded versions of your tours, so be sure that you do not include branded information here in order to comply with the MLS policies.

2.2 | Add your Written Description of your Listing to your Tour

Your tour needs a description. You’re in luck! You can copy and paste the written description from your MLS listing right into your tour.

  • Select the relevant Tour from the list of your Tours.
  • Click the ‘Edit Tour’ icon.
  • Select the ‘Tour Info’ tab.
  • Now you have access to the Property Description panel.

There is ample room, so there’s no need to stick with ‘agent-speak’ or use abbreviations, and you’re free to add all the details you want to. You can also format the Property Description field with the text editor: use bold, italics, change font size, add lists, add links to neighbourhood information, etc.

A Note on Branding

The Property Description field will populate on the branded and unbranded versions of your Tours, so be sure that you DO NOT include branded information here in order to comply with the MLS policies.

2.3 | Change the Order the Images appear in your Tour Gallery

Your Tour will come ordered in a way to guide potential buyers through the home. However, if you want to change the order of the images, simply drag-and-drop the images to the desired order with your cursor.

  • Select the relevant Tour from a list of all of your Tours.
  • Click the ‘Edit Tour’ icon.
  • Select the Media tab simply drag-and-drop the images to the desired order with your cursor. Changes will be saved automatically; no need to hit a ‘save’ button!

2.4 | Add a Photo or Video Clip to a Tour

  • Select the tour to which you’d like to add photos or video.
  • Click on the ‘Edit Tour’ icon.
  • Select the ‘Media’ tab.
  • Click the ‘Select Files’ button to find files from your computer’s hard drive, or simply drag and drop files into the indicated area to upload them. These files can then be rearranged just as any other videos or photos, by clicking and dragging them into a new order. As always, the changes you make here will be saved automatically.

2.5 | Remove an Image from a Tour

Typically, Lemontree Inc. will provide photos of the whole home. If there is an image you don’t want shown in the Tour, you can easily remove it from the Virtual Tour Website.

Removing An Image

  • Select the relevant Tour from a list all of your Tours.
  • Click the ‘Edit Tour’ icon.
  • Select the ‘Media’ tab.
  • Click on the image in question in the Media tab. A blue selection border will display. Now you can can remove the photo by checking “neither virtual tour nor gallery” in the options on the sidebar.

2.6 | Choose a Music Track for your Tour or Turn the Music Off

TourMe gives you 60+ music tracks to choose from, so you can select the perfect tune to accompany your listing. If you prefer, you can also choose to turn the music off.

Choosing your Music Track: 

  • First make sure the audio on your computer is enabled, that MUTE is turned off, and that any external speakers or headphones you are using are plugged in and turned on.
  • Log into your Client Panel and select the relevant Tour from amongst all of your Tours.
  • Click the ‘Edit Tour’ icon.
  • Click the Media Settings tab.
  • You will now see music choices with a drop-down menu below it. Select [ No audio ] to turn the music off.
  • To sample some of the 60+ available tracks, click on the track name, and wait for just a few seconds until the track starts playing. If you are happy with the selection, simply leave it selected. TourMe will automatically save your selection. 

2.7 | Adjust the Transition Speed of the Images in a Tour

By default your Tour will display images for 3 seconds before automatically transitioning to the next image. However, some people prefer a slower-paced Tour. Here’s how you can adjust the speed of your Tour. 

  • Log into your Client Panel and select the relevant Tour from amongst all of your Tours.
  • Click the ‘Edit Tour’ icon.
  • Click on the Media Settings tab on the right-hand-side.
  • In the field on the sidebar, enter a custom value in seconds for how long you’d like each image to display.

If you prefer a certain speed for every tour, just let us know and we’ll change your customer preferences so that all of your Tours are displayed at the pace you prefer. Tour speeds are also influenced by internet connection speeds and server traffic, so if your Tour seems slower at a particular time, this is usually an internet-related issue. 

3. Promote your Listing with your Virtual Tour Website

3.1 | Add Your Tour Links to the MLS Database

MLS allows you to add your Unbranded Tour link to the video link fields in the MLS database for each listing. 

  • Copy & Paste the link to your Unbranded Tour from your Photo & Tour delivery email (see image below) into the appropriate field in the MLS database listing, on any listing website you may be using.

3.2 | Post your Tourbuzz Tour to your YouTube Channel

How do I post my tour to YouTube?

There are a couple options for getting your Tour posted to YouTube.

  1. When you book your photography with Lemontree Inc. ask us to export to YouTube for you. A $10.00 fee will be added to your invoice, and we’ll take care of exporting your Tour to YouTube when we deliver the photos.
  2. Follow the instructions on our YouTube guide to link your YouTube account to your tours with a one time setup.

If you completed the YouTube Setup (as outlined in the link above), you will receive an email with a YouTube link to find your Video automatically posted to your YouTube Channel. Additionally, you will be provided with a link to download the video so it can be uploaded to other real estate listing websites. As soon as the Tour is on your YouTube Channel, you can edit video’s title and description if necessary.

Posting to YouTube has many advantages: 

  • YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, behind only Google
  • Having a branded Video of your Tour on YouTube is highly visible to Search Engines, allowing your Listing to be bumped-up in the search results
  • Having your own YouTube content creates another social media channel for you to share information and gather followers, including potential new clients
  • Posting to YouTube can drive visitors to all of your tours 

Tip: The effectiveness of your video in reaching a new audience will improve if your listing has a location feature that is more likely to be searched, for example, University of Western Ontario, Boler Mountain, Riverbend Golf Course, or Masonville Mall. You can list these location features in the description area of your Youtube video.


4. Sold! Now What?

4.1 | Deactivating Tours

Whereas your listing will drop off the MLS when you mark a house as sold, your tour remains online! Thankfully, you can deactivate your virtual tour website for properties that have sold.

How do I deactivate a tour?

  • Once you’re logged into your client panel, select the relevant Tour from amongst all of your Tours:

  • Click the “Deactivate Tour” link on the top right-hand side:

  • When you deactivate a TourMe Tour, the tour is no longer available on the internet, but the photos and tour itself are kept on the TourMe server, and can be reactivated without charge, at any time.

How Do I Re-activate my tour?

If you have to list the home you sold again, you can resurrect your deactivated tour to the internet. Tours cannot be reactivated through your client panel. You will need to contact to have your tour reactivated.

Why should you should deactivate your tour website?

Deactivating your tour ensures the privacy of the new owners of the home you listed. Most new home owners don’t think about this, but the inside of their home may be fully visible via the tour that you created to sell that home. This presents a potential security threat.

Deactivating old tours also removes the clutter from your active Tours as viewed through the “view all my tours” link on each tour + the webpage that contains a list of all your Tours [see example], allowing potential buyers to find your Active Tours. deactivating an old tour will stop the monthly statistic emails being sent to your inbox 

Why would I want to leave my Sold tour active?

You may need to keep your best listings in certain price brackets as active tours to showcase to potential clients as part of your portfolio.

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