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Detailed Information About Our Marketing Products And Services For Real Estate Listings
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Our dedicated realty department work hard to ensure each client is provided professional services, timely delivery and trusted support. We stay current with today’s technologies to make sure you always have an edge against the competition.

Offering a range of services for listing agents discounted from our regular rates you get a powerful marketing platform at prices you can afford. Read further for detailed information on our marketing services.

Product / Service Information

Real Estate Photography

Our photography service includes exterior and interior images of the home, delivered no later than noon the following business day.

Why You Need It

Interior and exterior architectural photography is difficult. If you've ever tried to take your own pictures you probably know that a camera alone is not capable of producing images that properly represent the home. Our photographers receive formal training in composition, off-camera lighting techniques and new technologies. Our goal is to provide editorial quality imagery at affordable rates giving your listings a visual edge against the competition.

What You Get

Our regular fee includes up to one hour photography session with one of our talented photographers. Unless the home is extremely large, or worth over $1M dollars, this should be plenty of time to capture one image of each room, as well as multiple angles/images of the larger rooms. If the home is extremely large, or worth over $1M, we will require 1.5 hours to capture everything.

After your photography session, our editing team will work on each captured image to ensure perfect colour and exposure as well as straightening and cropping as needed. It is this process that adds our signature professional look to every image we deliver.


Additional Time - All our services are based on time. Due to the busy nature of the industry we have to schedule our photographers for set amounts of time. These time frames are based on experience and rarely does a situation occur where we are not able to complete the work within the time frame allotted. If you feel that the time allotted might not be enough to complete the work for whatever reason, we require that additional session time be purchased at the time of scheduling. If a photography session goes longer than the pre-scheduled amount of time, you may incur an additional fee.

Surrounding Location Images - Occasionally, you or your client may want to showcase something other than the home/property itself. For an additional fee, we can capture additional images to help you market the listing. Some examples might be a nearby park or other recreational facilities, schools in the area or anything else close by that you think might benefit your listing.

Pricing Details

1 Hour Photography Session
Includes Interior & Exterior Images
Professional Editing
Delivered Next Business Day By Noon

1/2 Hour Additional Time
Mandatory Charge For Homes Over $1M & Extremely Large Homes
Alternatively Can Be Purchased For Additional Imagery & Surrounding Location Imagery

Real Estate Video

Our motion video products are the newest and increasingly becoming the most effective medium to market a real estate listing. Our products are designed to be cost effective yet provide an immersive viewing experience compared to images.

Why You Need It

The advent of motion video as the most popular method of conveying information (including advertising) has brought the need for this medium into the real estate industry. Video is capable of conveying more information in a very short amount of time than any other medium.

It is for this reason that marketing your listings with motion video is now the most popular method of getting your listings seen on the internet, whether through social media or other real estate specific platforms.

Things You Should Know

Most people have never been involved in film or motion video production. If you are one of those individuals then there is a few things you should know prior to booking a real estate video session

  1. Our team is on a tight schedule. Filming delays such as punctuality, cleanliness of the property or any other delay out of our control will be subject to additional fees.
  2. Video editing takes a lot of time. As such the video products listed below are not subject to change requests after delivery like our commercial products. This means WYSIWYG.

Film production is a vast industry with pricing ranging from hundreds to millions of dollars. While our parent company handles non-budget films and larger projects, the pricing we set for our real estate video products are limited to the products shown here. ANY other video request will be quoted and priced at standard commercial rates. 

One Minute Teaser

The One Minute Teaser is the perfect entry level video product to get your listings noticed. Short enough to be watched all the way through, long enough to showcase the best features of a property, and priced to be affordable.

Video Tour

The video tour is a full video tour of the property, showcasing each room in a sequential manor, typically between 2-3 minutes in length. This product is suited for large or upscale homes with features that need to be seen throughout the home.

Our team is scheduled for up to 1 hour for homes under $1M. For homes over $1M, additional time is mandatory.

Please note this example includes Aerial Footage which is an additional charge.

Video Tour with Agent Dialogue

For agents looking to take it a step further, the Video Tour With Agent Dialogue is the perfect product to help you convey important aspects of a listing. Like the video tour the final product is a full tour of the home, but with you as the tour guide.

Our team is scheduled for up to 2 hours for homes under $1M. For homes over $1M, additional time is mandatory.

Pricing Details

All Video Products Include
Interior & Exterior Footage
Professional Editing
Delivered 24-48 hours (business days only)

One Minute Teaser
45 Minute Video Session 

Video Tour
1 Hour Video Session

Video Tour /w Agent Dialogue
1.5 Hours Video Session

1/2 Hour Additional Time
Mandatory Charge For Homes Over $1M & Extremely Large Homes
Alternatively Can Be Purchased For Additional Imagery & Surrounding Location Imagery 

Aerial Media

Aerial media, ie drone or UAV photos and/or footage is yet another way to showcase property. Best suited as an additional method of showcasing large or rural properties; drone photos and footage can give you an edge when listing these types of properties.

What You Get

The basic fee will get you 1 battery (approx 20 mins) of flight time with one of our experienced UAV pilots. Prior to flight, the pilot will assess the property and plan the best flight path, heights, angles etc to maximize the amount and quality of the media generated during the flight. A typical flight can generate 10-20 images OR 5-10 images as well as 5-10 video clips, which can all be used as marketing material for your listing.

Privacy, Safety and Canadian Airspace Law

We recommend limiting the use of this service to large or rural properties, as this service is most beneficial at showing the size or features of said properties. Due to restrictions set by Transport Canada, small properties, properties located in heavily populated areas or close to airports, helipads or seaports may be subject to flight restrictions.

Our pilots MUST obey Canadian airspace law and as such, may refuse to fly should ANY situation arise which may place the safety of the aircraft, people or property in jeopardy.

UAV pilots must also respect Canadian privacy laws, which may restrict our ability to capture certain shots, angles or footage. Another reason we suggest limiting the use of this service to large or rural properties. 

Pricing Details

1 Battery (20 Minutes Flight Time)
10-20 Images OR 5-10 Images & 5-10 Video Clips

Per Additional Battery

Delivery Methods

Tourme.ca offers two media delivery options; Basic and Premium, both of which boast permanent storage and elegant presentation for your listing media.

Media Only Delivery

Over the years we've found that a large portion of agents are using their own systems to display, share and market their listings, and have no need for a property website to showcase their listing.

The media only delivery method ensures your media is delivered and backed up for future use, as well as provide a cost efficient method for us to deliver the media to you, our valued client.

Premium Delivery

Our premium delivery service is more advanced in respect to presentation options, and offers a few more features agents might find useful. This system offers branded tours, music selection and has the ability to instantly generate feature sheets, display floor-plans and more. You also get a password protected portal where you can edit your tours, update profile information and customize how your tours display on the web. Unfortunately the cost to provide this service adds more to your bottom line. As such we strongly recommend previewing the sample tours below and decide whether this service is beneficial for your marketing needs.

Sample Tours

We currently offer two HTML5 based themes to choose from, depending on your preference.

Premium Delivery - Zephyr Sample

Premium Delivery - Zephyr Sample

Zephyr is a simple, media first style theme offering Ken Burns slideshows and large format visualizations.

Premium Delivery - Crisp Sample

Premium Delivery - Crisp Sample

Crisp is a theme for those who prefer website style browsing.

Pricing Details

All New Accounts Subject To $30 One Time Account Setup Fee

Basic Delivery

Premium Delivery


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